8 / 9. 06 . 2018  KIELCE,

Kielce University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture


Chairman  –  Prof. dr hab. eng. Marek Iwański,– Dean of the Faculty

Polish party

  • Prof. Dr hab. arch. Lucjan Kamionka, – Head of Architecture and Town Planning;
  • Prof. Dr hab. arch. Stanisława Wehle- Strzelecka,
  • Prof. dr hab. arch. Vadym Abyzov;
  • Dr hab. Elżbieta Szot- Radziszewska,
  • Dr inż. arch. Marek Barański;
  • Dr inż. arch. Małgorzata Doroz-Turek

Portugal party

  • Prof. dr hab. arch Jorge Cruz Pinto;
  • Prof. dr hab. arch. Joӑo Sousa Morais;
  • Prof. dr arch. Joӑo Pardal Monteiro;
  • Prof. dr arch. Jose Aquiar;
  • Prof dr. arch. Fernando Moreira da Silva;
  • Prof. dr arch. Hugo Farias;
  • Prof. dr eng. Soheyl Sazedj


  • Dr. arch. Dariusz Piotrowicz;
  • M.A. arch. Jan Niewada- Wysocki;
  • M.A. arch. Jagoda Juruś


  • Research and documentation,
  • Restoration, conservation and adaptive reuse of historic buildings,
  • Technical and structural aspects of building restoration.
  • Revitalization of historic centers and public spaces.
  • Exposure and presentation of cultural heritage in the architectural context
  • Education and training.

The language of the Conference is English,

Registration, Abstract submission.

New conference Participants are welcome, and they should register by sending an Application 2018 as well as submit an abstract in English (200- 300 words) in doc., docx. format, plus a short CV.  The lecture proposals will be reviewed and arranged into final program of the Conference. Registration deadline is  20. 04. 2018.

Scientific Committee will select  Conference papers to be published as a full text or abstracts.

Registration fee

Participants has to pay a conference fee of 200 PLZ / 50 EUR. (students 50% discount) (covering  conference materials, coffees, teas, meals).  Participants of the Conference will be invited for an official dinner.


There are plenty hotels in Kielce, providing a standard services, as well as  boutique standard.  The nearest to Kielce Technology University  are :

  • Hotel DAL 3*

There is possibility to provide a modest accommodation for participants in a student hostel on a reasonable cost of 40 PLN / 10 EUR a day.  Booking for participants will be possible on request.

Scientific program

At the 7th of June 2018,  a scientific trip for foreign participants will be organized to present the most important historic monuments of the Region. Interested Conference participants should arrive to Poland at afternoon of the 6th of June.  (further information will be delivered) Foreign participants are kindly requested to inform us about their arrival plan to Poland. Such information will give us opportunity to coordinate transportation to Kielce

All enquiries regarding the conference should be sent to the Organizers on mail: polporcon@tu.kielce.pl

We are looking forward to seeing you in Kielce.


  1.  Zenon Zabagllo / M. Arch., Zetta Architectural Studio
    Revitalization of the Military Barrack (1898) for the Tourist Hotel in Suwalki
  2. Ewa Angoneze Grela /  M. Arch., Ph.D. candidate, Poznań University of Technology
    Common Heritage of Two Continents. The House of Pommeranian imigrants in Brazil as the Legacy of the XIX century Inhabitants of Western Pommerania
  3. Malgorzata Doroz Turek / Ph.D. Arch., Kielce University of Technology. Assistant Professor -Tutor
    Contemporary Conservation Works at Medieval Sacred Building in the Świętokrzyskie Province, Poland
  4. Jorge Pinto Cruz /Prof. Ph.D. hab. Arch. University of Lisbon, Professor
    Urb-Arch Restoration , Governor’s House in Belem, Lisbon
  5. Marek Barański / Ph.D. Arch.,  Kielce University of Technology. Assistant Professor – Tutor
    Roots of a Post Modern Architecture in Historic Towns in Poland.
  6. Soheyl Sazedj / Ph.D. Eng. University of Lisbon, Center for Research in Architecture Urbanism and Design, Researcher
    Economical and Environmental Sustainability of Masonry
  7. Antonello Monaco/ Prof. Ph.D.  hab. Arch.  Universita degli Studi Sapienza di Roma, Professor
    Old /New: Continuity, Dissonance and Contrast
  8. Conceição Trigueiros / Ph.D. Arch., University of Lisbon, Assistant Professor
    From Ruin to Inhabited: a Path Between Before and After
  9. Olha Tikhonova / M. Arch., Ph.D. candidate, University of Lisbon
    Fortified Palace Phenomenon – a Problem in Typology
  10. Vadim Abyzov / Prof . Ph.D. hab. Arch. Kielce University of Technology. Professor
    Methodical Aspects of Development and Regeneration of the Architectural Environment of Historical Areas and Centers
  11. Hugo Farias / Prof. Ph.D. hab. Arch., University of Lisbon, Professor
    Rehabilitation of the “Abegoaria” Aviary and Greenhouses of the Quinta Da Pena, Parque da Pena, Sintra, Portugal
  12. Krzysztof Bratus  / M.A. Eng. Astragis company
    More Effective Laser Scanning Architectural Documentation.
  13. Tomasz Matuszewski / M.A., Silten Polska company
    Against Humidity in Historic Buildings: Experience and New Solutions.
  14. Lucjan Kamionka / Prof. Ph.D. hab. Arch., Kielce University of Technology, Professor
    Civic and Conservation Initiatives in Protection of Contemporary Cultural Heritage as Exemplified by the Buildings of the Coach Station in Kielce and the “Supersam” Market in Warsaw
  15. Paweł Roszak Kwiatek / M.A., Ph.D. candidade,  Museum of Upper Silesia Ethnopark in Chorzow
    Protective and Conservation Issues in Adaptive Reuse of Historic Urban Mills from the Pszczyna Area
  16. Magdalena Wojnowska – Heciak,/  M.Sc. Land. Arch., Ph.D. candidate, Kielce University of Technology
    Water Management in Chosen Revitalization Projects in Poland
  17. Elżbieta Szot Radziszewska, Agnieszka Radziszewska / Ph.D. hab., Kielce University of Technology, Ass. Prof.
    Crosses and Chapels as Significant Elements in Semiotic Landscape of Polish Cities.
  18. Jagoda Juruś/  M. Arch. Ph.D. candidate, Kielce University of Technology

Adaptive Reuse of Historic  Houses of the Kielce Region- Problems in Adaptation and Revitalization.

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